When  it comes to solving a crime, Kent Rivers is confident, relentless, and  in charge. In this story, Chief Detective Kent Rivers and the  investigators from Chattanooga, Tennessee, start tracking a trio  traveling from Florida to Ohio, after a body is found along I-75. The  threesome consists of a convicted felon, a grieving drifter, and a young  runaway girl. Each one faces their struggles between right and wrong,  as they find themselves tangled in a web of danger, heartache, and  death. Investigators from several jurisdictions discover the aftermath  of their crimes and destruction, not knowing they are seeking the same  perpetrators. Chief Detective Kent Rivers and his team take the driver's  seat as they pursue the offenders. Piece by piece, each investigator  uses their particular talents to collect the evidence, close the gap,  and end the crime spree. Each member of the trio must make a decision to  seek redemption or to continue down their dark and gloomy paths. Learn  how the tall, dark, green-eyed, and handsome, Kent Rivers balances his  tough job as the chief detective with his personal life of love, loss,  and new beginnings. 


Bobby  Owens was a well known, well respected, and well-liked member of the  State House of Tennessee. When his wife, Patricia, unwittingly discovers  his connections to the Dixie Mafia, her life is changed forever. She  decided that it was too dangerous to remain in her home, so she vanished  without telling a soul. Her worse fears came true when she realized the  magnitude of the far-reaching power and resources of the Dixie Mafia.  Patricia reached out for help to Chief Kent Rivers from  Chattanooga. Rivers and his investigators are frustrated when Patricia  is kidnapped right from under their noses. Things seem to get worse  before they get better for the crime fighters. They learned just how  willing, ready, and able the Dixie Mafia bosses were to resort to  violence. Patricia Owens found herself alone, and face to face with the  worse of, the worse, cold-blooded, hardened criminals. As she faced  certain death, Patricia found an unlikely ally, but would the help be  enough to save her life?